The “Gold” enterprise

The enterprise mockup at a scale of 1 to 200 for investor presentation

This mockup represents industrial area of a gold-mining complex. It was made for the Office of Research Analysis in Vladikavkaz.

Task: to create a mockup for presentation (in full color, with visualization of technical process and explication) from a model made in CAD system.

The mockup was made in 4 weeks. Various types of plastic were used for it (PVC, acryl, monolithic polycarbonate, plexiglas). Table made of CPD with plastic cover, which repeat form of soil cross-section. The mockup itself is protected with the transparent anti-vandal dome with metallic fixture. The technics used during mockup creation: milling cut, 3D rotary cutting, coloring details before gluing together.

  • Table – pine wood
  • Dome – with metallic fixture
  • Legs – round, dull nickel
  • Scale – 1 to 500
  • Dimension – 1200*800 mm
  • Lighting – internal and external
  • Dynamics – –
  • Protective structure – –
  • Levitation – –
  • Detailing – –
  • Transportation box – standard (strengthen)