Combine “T1”

Full visual perception of the idea

The “Gold” enterprise

Mockup shows industrial area of a gold-mining complex

“Zhemchuzhniy” villa community

First-class detailing

Rus' Wooden log house

Souvenir mockup for G&I 2000

Combine “Concept T7”

Made for ROSTSELMASH company

Standard hangar “Section”

Manual mockup for Tander


Logistic center mockup

Office Zebra “8 bit”

Interior mockup of the office

Container “MAKETOO”

Beautiful cover for your souvenir order

“Business” cannery

Made for a presentation at the Moscow exhibition

“Open” nodes

Chance to see the materials at work with your own eyes in a slice

Transpark “Kazak edition”

Made for presentation and souvenir purposes

“Aksiniya” apartment complex

Mockup of a building made in a realistic color scheme

“Aksiniya” apartment interior

A very detailed mockup show interior of studio apartment

Combine “T2”

Made in full accordance with the manufacturer’s blueprints

Train made of plywood for NELP anniversary

Development and production of a plywood mockup for NELP

Mockup of Komsomolskiy park in Pyatigorsk

Park mockup on a scale of 1:500 made of plastic

Railway station mockup on a scale of 1:100

A wide range of materials used

Trees for highly detailed mockups

Professional mockup landscapes

Models of agricultural and construction machinery and means of transport

Models made accurate to the hundredth of a millimeter

Oilship of ice-breaker class mockup RN Sakhalin

Marine machinery mockups made as business-presents for a client from Vladivostok

“Blizkiy” villa community mockup

Made with special attention to colors, materials and textures of all architectural forms

Mockup of Elbrus region mountain area

Topography mockup made for field training exercises of MES Russia