From the idea to its implementation

Maketoo is a successful union of technical solutions
and creative inspiration

About Capacities Partners

Maketoo foundation

Our workshop was founded in 2010. We are the team of young, well-educated and talented specialists who work both in technical and artistic directions and constantly search for the new creative ideas and their implementation – for completing your tasks.

Our mockups

The mockups we create are never mass-produced. Each mockup is a unique and complicated masterpiece made by the whole team of high-class specialists. Our team includes architects, engineers, designers, programmers, electronics technicians. Everybody works in his own direction for achieving overall brilliant results.

That’s why we offer You at least two of these three abilities:

Keep in your mind: bad quality is particularly painful when the pleasure of low cost is far behind.

Every mockup from our workshop is a high-technology product which embodies technical or fantasy idea of the customer.  The ideas may be quite various: bright visibility of technological process, or everyday life of architectural city ensemble or live beauty of machinery-built product.

We create mockups of civilian, industrial and military type – of any complexity, various level of detail and different abilities. It can be simple figures on the flat base as well as detailed composition: working machines, lines, elements and mechanisms, improvement details, reservoirs, animals, people, technics, road networks, various terrain reliefs, natural vegetation, street lightning, object lightning, etc.

Our mockup let You commendably show your idea, product, proposal at any event, both in our country and abroad, also for high state officials.

Main goals for using mockups

Our clients use mockups for different purposes. As a rule, mockup is originally made to fulfill customer’s particular tasks. For example, mockup of the gold-mining complex for Vladikavkaz Research Institute was necessary for exhibition and presentation of production processes; combine concept for "Rostselmash" was made for large-scale PR-project.

The main idea of our customers – and also ours too – is to excite imagination, help investors to see what they invest. Each investment project gains great popularity when is accompanied by a mockup.

The phase of continued application

We are always concern about durability of our mockups. That’s why we use only high-qualified materials, which maximally prolong the lifetime of the mockup. It will tour exhibitions and presentations for long time, attract numerous visitors and also create positive impressions about You or your organization.


Is it possible to make the exact copy of a building?

Yes, sure. We can make a mockup which completely repeats any object, down to the smallest details.

Can you make a souvenir or gift mockups?

We can make everything You want! We can work with your blueprints (in case You have them) and definitely make the product You want, or we can develop design by ourselves, taking all your preferences into consideration.

Is it possible to make mockups and models in case when customer has no blueprints?

Yes. We’ll develop blueprints ourselves upon the basis of your materials (natural samples, photos, paintings) and consultations.

What if I don’t like some elements of a ready mockup?

It’s quite real to change some details (but not more than 15% of the mockup).

What does the cost depend on?

There are various factors: level of detail, mockup size, scale and, of course, terms.

Now You know a little more about us. If our work is interesting for You – we’ll always be glad to see You in our workshop.




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