Combine “Concept T7”

Combine mockup at a scale of 1 to 10 for the large-scale PR-project

This concept-combine mockup was made for ROSTSELMASH company as a PR stunt and outstanding element for international exhibition.

Task: to develop design of conceptual, spectacular brand new combine mockup within a short time. There must be also the main elements of ROSTSELMASH brandbook (colors, logo, etc.).  Design was created and developed by MAKETOO only. You can learn about each certain step of its production in the special article considered with its creation.

The mockup made from various materials and has some moving elements (four wheels and harvester move for demonstration), lightning (underbody, side intakes, major elements) and imitation of key lightning upon the cab.

The mockup was made in 4 weeks. Various types of plastic were used for it (PVC, acryl, tinted plastic, plexiglas, tinted film). Core made of wood. Mockup colored with wated-based paint Caparol. Chassis was thoroughly selected in model shop and consists of several elements – tyre, filler piece, disk.

  • Table – plastic
  • Dome – –
  • Legs – –
  • Scale – 1 to 10
  • Dimension – 900*850 mm
  • Lighting – static diode
  • Dynamics – moving wheels and harvester
  • Protective structure – –
  • Levitation – –
  • Detailing – concept
  • Transportation box – –