Mockup of Komsomolskiy park in Pyatigorsk

The key target was to create a modern area as a place for locals’ cultural and educational leisure and also for tourist complex. Park reconstruction based upon the modern technologies that provide spectacularity of the exhibits and high-class service in the field of mass-cultural events. The city-planning mockup let customers to show their main idea, to link project with the existing building system and to coordinate it on the construction phase.

The mockup was made in 4 weeks, at a scale of 1 to 500. Various types of plastic and various technics (hi-tech UV-printing, milling cut and engraving, plotter cutting) were used in this work. Landscape engineering and hardscape elements created in full accordance with the real objects and softscape. Table made of ash wood and CPD. Demountable dome is made of acrylic glass. Lightning is made by LED strip light around the perimeter of protecting box. The mockup provides a full picture of composition and improvement objects of reconstruction.

  • Table – ash wood
  • Dome – glued
  • Legs – round, dull chrome
  • Scale – 1 to 500
  • Dimension – 1200*2000 mm
  • Lighting – internal
  • Dynamics – –
  • Protective structure – –
  • Levitation – –
  • Detailing – realism
  • Transportation box +