“Aksiniya” apartment interior

An apartment interior mockup at a scale of 1 to 50 as a part of “Aksiniya” apartment complex

A part of the mockup shows interior of an apartment in "Aksiniya" apartment complex. It was made in 3 weeks. Various types of plastic were used for it (PVC, colored self-adhesive sticker (ORACAL), tinted film, floor insulation of different colors, polystyrene foam). This mockup is situated together with the building mockup at the master plan, thus it has some specificities. All apartment interior was developed by MAKETOO. Detailing is very high: You can even see illumination lamps and fabrics made with surgical precision.

This mockup let You estimate the scales of the future apartment in relation to household items and thus provide better orientation in the developer’s information.

  • Table – ash wood
  • Dome – with metallic fixture
  • Legs – round, dull chrome
  • Scale –1 to 50
  • Dimension – 250*150 mm
  • Lighting – external
  • Dynamics – –
  • Protective structure – –
  • Levitation – –
  • Detailing – realism
  • Transportation box – –