Transpark “Kazak edition”

Logistic center mockup at a scale of 1 to 200, made for visual estimates

Transpark is a mockup of logistic center in Rostov region. It was made for presentation and souvenir purposes. This mockup gives insight into configuration of Transpark elements. Colors, materials, factures and textures correspond to the real ones. Size of the main building was increased in comparison with the other elements. But we selected scale which fits it, and the building do not stand out of its surroundings. Moreover, this mockup includes a hotel complex – it looks like the Cossack folk housing community. Previous Transpark mockup didn’t include this element.

  • Table – ash wood
  • Dome – with metallic fixture
  • Legs – dull chrome
  • Scale – 1 to 200
  • Dimension – 1000*1500 mm
  • Lighting – internal diode
  • Dynamics – –
  • Protective structure – –
  • Levitation – –
  • Detailing – realism
  • Transportation box – standard